Saturday, March 23, 2013

Internship Program Session August-January 2014 PART 1

masih bingung di mana tempat yg sesuai untuk aku jalani latihan industri a.k.a praktikal. i've choose to make it at malacca. but donno, where and what firm should i take ? i just need more experience n conducive envioronment to work at. elaun sikit tu bg aku tak penting sgt. it's not the big matter. bukan aku tak perlu kan  fund, but the most interesting part of internship prog are the experiences that we will get and how it would help us in the future. that is most important thing. gtg. will update later. kbye!
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susah susah dahulu, senang senang kemudian

Everything is difficult before it becomes easy. Bare in mind, don't give up, the beginning is always the hardest. Keep Calm and be Smile.
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no title

when I really really really need u, u are not around .
for whom i should ask for the help ?
i just need u. only u .
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